BARBECUE IN FURANO: The super popular barbecue spot in Furano – Mangoo!

One of Furano`s most popular destinations for meat-lovers, Manguu is the restaurant to go to if you are wanting yaki-niku, Korean BBQ, or just a meat-filled adventure. Among other prepared dishes, vegetables and rice bowls are also offered.

Furano-ya: A very popular curry shop to stop at for lunch

A popular place to stop for lunch, Furano-ya Curry Shop is well-known for it`s locally sourced ingredients, bookshelves of manga, and range of curry spiciness. Located near the Furano Shrine, this restaurant has a similar atmosphere to manga cafes in Japanese urban areas, with a special Furano twist!

At the Curry Shop CAMEL, they have a lunch buffet to go with your curry

One of the newest curry restaurants to the Furano Area, CAMEL is run by a local chef who can cook basically anything and make it delicious! Open throughout the day, an appetizer & dessert buffet is offered during lunch, while parties are welcome at night!

Furano Gorou Ramen Shop: Super-Rich Pork-Based Ramen

Opened in April 2018, this ramen shop in Furano uses local ingredients such as Kamifurano pork and Hokkaido-grown vegetables to make a variety of ramen dishes. Located on Route 38 between Lawson`s and 7 Eleven conbini, this shop has a yellow sign out in front that is hard to miss!

If you want to enjoy a relaxed evening meal and drink, try out Robata Izakaya, a popular long-established pub.

Hi! This is Furano Guide! A popular, nostalgic pub, Robata Izakaya is definitely a place to stop by if you want a relaxed evening on the town!

If you are looking for Miso Ramen in Furano, Jyuasa Ramen Shop is the place for you!

Hi, this is Furano Guide! Let me show you about Jyuasa Ramen Shop, a very popular local ramen shop in the Furano Area! The miso ramen here is well-known by the locals for a very good reason!

“Spring in Furano” Furano ~ Biei in May

Hi! This is Furano Guide! Here is my update on conditions in Furano for May 2019! The cherry blossoms are just about done, while tulips are blooming, and the locals are getting ready for summer!

One of Furano`s first Ramen shops, Sukeroku.

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! Sukeroku is a ramen shop popular with the locals, famous for it`s salt-base Ramen and delivery services to the downtown Furano area. This place may not be on your map, but that doesn`t mean it shouldn`t be! Check out more about it here!

Furano`s popular Chinese restaurant, Suigetsu.

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! Want some excellent Chinese food while you`re in Furano? Suigetsu is the place for you! Very popular with the locals, the menu has a variety of foods you can`t find elsewhere in Furano! Check out my experience here!

Hokusei no Oka Tembou Kouen Biei

Hi It's me again, Trip guide. Today I will guide you to Hokusei no Oka Tembou Kouen Literary means Hokusei hill's ...