Farm Tomita in July: The Best Time For Seeing Lavender (2019)

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! I went to go see Farm Tomita in July! This was the best time to go see Furano`s world-famous lavender fields! Read through my blog for hints on where to park, where to go, and what to eat while enjoying the scenic flower fields set among mountains.


Coffee Shop: BARISTART COFFEE FURANO Let`s go check out BARISTART COFFEE FURANO in its first few days! BARISTART...

Rental Cycle Shop WAVES

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! Want to tour Furano while enjoying the scenery? Cycling around the Furano Area is definitely the best way to do that, and there`s a new shop in town from where you can rent an assortment of different types of bikes! Located in Furano Concierge, pick up you cycling map from the Tourism Information Center while renting your bicycle from WAVES!

What is the Furano – Biei area like in June?

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! Is the lavender blooming yet? Are the other flower fields in full bloom? What is the condition of the fields at Farm Tomita? Is the Blue Pond really blue? Read through my June Update on the popular destinations in the Furano - Biei area!

“Spring in Furano” Furano ~ Biei in May

Hi! This is Furano Guide! Here is my update on conditions in Furano for May 2019! The cherry blossoms are just about done, while tulips are blooming, and the locals are getting ready for summer!

Hokusei no Oka Tembou Kouen Biei

Hi It's me again, Trip guide. Today I will guide you to Hokusei no Oka Tembou Kouen Literary means Hokusei hill's obse...

Outdoor Activities in Furano: River Rafting!

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! Want to enjoy the outdoors and see Japan from a different perspective while in Furano? Why not try river rafting? My family and I had a great time in Minami Furano! Check out our experience here!

Furano’s best visit ” Santa-no-hige (Santa’s beard)” POPURA FARM

Hi it's me Trip guide Today, I'm here at POPURA FARM where is famous for Santa-no-hige. literally means Santa's bear...

Blue pond ・Shirohige no Taki (Winter) Biei

Hello! It's me Trip guide. Today I am at Biei's famous Blue pond and "White mustashed water fall" Shirohige noTaki. ...

【Tourism Furano】Water fall Shiro-Hige, Blue River In Biei

Hi, It's me! Trip guide. Today I am visiting "Shiro-hige-no-Taki" (White mustache water fall) and "Blue River" It's ...