【Tourism Furano】Water fall Shiro-Hige, Blue River In Biei

美瑛 白ひげの滝 観光 Biei

Hi, It’s me! Trip guide.

Today I am visiting “Shiro-hige-no-Taki” (White mustache water fall) and “Blue River”

It’s about1hour drive from Furano and located near by Shirokane Onsen in Biei.


美瑛 白ひげの滝 観光

See close, water splushing from the middle of the criff, that’s why.

しろひげの滝 美瑛


The water coming out between 2 layered earth, 300k years old mud flow and 170k years old lava!!


美瑛 白ひげの滝 観光

The same as the blue pond, the river looks in deep blue color, that is why it called so. In my opinion, the blue color slightly chahinging daily.

Here is well known as a spiritual power spot of Biei town and clouded with toursits all the time.

And it’ll be illuminated during winter time. It’ look so impressive.


Must-visit spot while you are around!!