【Lunch on Furano trip】Soba noodle shop Kodamaya The main branch.

富良野 そば 小玉家 Furano

Hi! It’s me Trip guide.

Today, I am here at Soba noodle shop KODAMAYA the main branch.


富良野 そば 小玉家

I have visited KODAMAYA branch so let’s figure out difference between two.

富良野 そば 小玉家

富良野 そば 小玉家




富良野 そば 小玉家

富良野 そば 小玉家


At the entrance, there are beatiful flowers welcoming you. That looks the main branch.

It’s weekday today however it’s nearly full.


What!? A waiter served me a steemed potato with a glas of water! It’s really Hokkaido, the land of potatoes!


富良野 そば 小玉家

It’s a seasonal complementary service.

By the way, that potato was amazing delicious!


KODAMAYA is well known as variety of choices.

富良野 そば 小玉家

富良野 そば 小玉家

富良野 そば 小玉家

And good news! The menu is in multi languages, English, Korean, Chinese. It’s very well considered.


Today, I will take…

Katsu-don set meal (with hot soba noodle)

Wariko soba (cold)

Also see photos of other dishes.


I take Katsu-don set meal again.

Earlier day the katsu at the other branch was a bit dry so I will check it here. Humm.


Wait for 8min… it’s served.

富良野 そば 小玉家


Wariko soba 980yen



富良野 そば 小玉家

Katsu don set 980yen

富良野 そば 小玉家

Curry soba

富良野 そば 小玉家



The Katsu look the same the other one HOWEVER, this Katsu is so juicy and very good.



May be I was just unlucky to get the dried one in earlier day.



Wariko soba set is also big quantity and we are so satisfied with our lunch!



Actually, KODAMAYA does Ramen also very good. So next time I will try their ramen, it’d be my first time to drop my favorite Katsu don set!


It was great meal. Thanks.
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Address: 5-1 saiwai-cho, Furano
Tel: 0167-23-6222
Open: 11:00-20:30
Closed Tuesday


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