One of Furano`s first Ramen shops, Sukeroku.

富良野 助六 Furano

Hi, it`s Furano Guide!

Today I am here at Sukeroku.
富良野 助六


Sukeroku is popular among locals, especially since you can order delivery to your office.

Yes, they do delivery.


Let’s go in

富良野 助六


There are a few tables with chairs, as well as a few tables on tatami mats.


Here is the menu

富良野 助六

富良野 助六



Ramen has 3 different tastes: Shio (salt) base, Shoyu (soy sauce) base and Miso base.

Also they have options such as extra Chashu (pork ham) or Gyoza(dumplings) in your ramen, as well as a cold noodle ramen option.

富良野 助六


Then there`s also Gyoza you can order on the side.

富良野 助六



Let’s order

Miso ramen (Large)

Shio ramen and Gyoza(dumpling)

Shio ramen is the most popular at Sukeroku, although the locals will also agree that the Miso ramen is amazing, too.



After 10 minutes, we are served.

富良野 助六


Miso ramen (Large) 780yen

富良野 助六


Shio ramen 650yen

富良野 助六

Gyoza 400yen


I tried both Shio and Miso and I think Shio is better!!


There is an additional seasoning set on table

富良野 助六


So you can arrange the taste to your liking, for example adding garlic chips and dry chili peppers.


You should try Furano’s famous Shio ramen when you are in Furano!!

(Get Hokkaido tourists brochoure.)
Access:8-minute walk from JR Furano Station
Address:〒076-0032 北海道富良野市若松町8-3(地図
周辺のお店:ぐるなびぐるなび 富良野・美瑛×定食・食事処

Information as of August 2018.