YAMABE Drive-in, a local hot spot!

富良野 山部ドライブイン Furano

Hi, it’s me Trip guide!

Today, I’m here at YAMABE Drive-in


富良野 山部ドライブイン

It’s located on Route 38 in Yamabe town, about a 20-minute drive towards Obihiro-Shimkappu from Furano. You can find it on your right side when you drive from Furano and pass through most of Yamabe.

The restaurant is nearly full with tourists and locals today!

Here`s the menu:

富良野 山部ドライブイン

富良野 山部ドライブイン


The popular dishes are Katsu-don and Miso-ramen.
This is what we ordered today:

A set meal of Buta-don (pork rice bowl) and Miso-ramen

Yasai-shio-ramen(Ramen with vegetables)

To tell the truth, I wanted to go for famous Katsu-don and Miso-ramen but there is no set meal, and I was hungry!!

After ordering food, a waiter delivered water and a complimentary hard boiled egg for each person.

After another 10 minutes, our food arrived!


富良野 山部ドライブイン

Miso-ramen with pork rice bowl 1,000yen

富良野 山部ドライブイン

Salt-based Ramen with vegetables. 850yen


I dumped the egg into my ramen
The taste of the ramen here is so simple and traditional, I like it very much.

revews of YAMABE Drive-in

Coffee is also complementary.

This is a great place, I’ll be back for sure!

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Next time though, I’d rather go for both Katsu-don and Miso-ramen!!

アクセス:JR根室本線(滝川-新得)山部駅 徒歩8分
Address:〒079-1565 北海道富良野市山部南町2-10(地図
周辺のお店:ぐるなびぐるなび 富良野・美瑛×定食・食事処

Address: 2-10 Minami-mach, Yamabe, Furano
Opening hours: 11:00~14:00, 17:00~20:30
Closed every 10th, 20th 30th of the month.

*as of September 2018