Hokusei no Oka Tembou Kouen Biei

Hi It's me again, Trip guide. Today I will guide you to Hokusei no Oka Tembou Kouen Literary means Hokusei hill's obse...

Outdoor Activities in Furano: River Rafting!

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! Want to enjoy the outdoors and see Japan from a different perspective while in Furano? Why not try river rafting? My family and I had a great time in Minami Furano! Check out our experience here!

Furano’s best visit ” Santa-no-hige (Santa’s beard)” POPURA FARM

Hi it's me Trip guide Today, I'm here at POPURA FARM where is famous for Santa-no-hige. literally means Santa's bear...

Want to eat Okonomiyaki?? Senya is popular for both locals and tourists

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! Want Okonomiyaki? How about Takoyaki? Every tried cooking it yourself? If Teppan-yaki style is your thing, Senya is definitely a restaurant you want to check out while in Furano! Check out my experiences at this local restaurant here!