Furano’s best visit ” Santa-no-hige (Santa’s beard)” POPURA FARM


Hi it’s me Trip guide

Today, I’m here at POPURA FARM where is famous for Santa-no-hige.

literally means Santa’s beard.


ポプラファーム サンタのヒゲ

Huh- nice out looking!

“Santa-no-hige”, This is it.


ポプラファーム サンタのヒゲ

Soft-served ice cream on top of a half cut melon!!

check review before you travel.

here is the menu

ポプラファーム サンタのヒゲ



ポプラファーム サンタのヒゲ

beside of “Santa-no-hige”
there is Santa-no-heso(Santa’s bellybutton), Godzilla-no-hige etc
there many kinds.


I have tried several times, today it was a bit cold….

wanna eat?

hummmmmm… well may be next time ’cause it’s cold!!

I’m hesitated but keep it for the next chance.

Personally, it’s more tasty in summer time out of there opening time of April-Oct.
Summer (July-Aug) is the highest season for Furano melons too!

Anyway, you should try when you are in Furano during that time!


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