If you are looking for Miso Ramen in Furano, Jyuasa Ramen Shop is the place for you!

富良野 らーめん じゅあさ 寿浅 おすすめ 人気 Furano





Jyuasa Ramen has lots of fans among the Furano locals.

This time, I would like to talk about Jyuasa Ramen, a shop located in Naka-Furano.


Speaking of Jyuasa Ramen, there used to be a Yakiniku and Ramen shop by that name in Furano`s Kitanomine neighborhood, which then moved down into the main town area of Furano. Unfortunately, the chef`s health declined and they had to close.

Once feeling better, the chef once again opened the shop in November of 2017, this time in Naka-Furano.


Furano Guide

The miso ramen here has continued to taste delicious throughout it`s history!

Let`s check it out, shall we?

The location of Jyuasa Ramen is a little hard to find.

The new shop location is a little difficult to find.

It is in the Naka-Furano Kisen-Kita 8-gou neighborhood, which is very rural and surrounded by paddy fields.


富良野 らーめん ラーメン じゅあさ 寿浅 おいしい


Image Zoomed-In

富良野 らーめん じゅあさ 寿浅 おすすめ 人気


If your car has a navigation system, you can enter in the following Map Code:

【349 183 263】


Using the Map Code is a very convenient way of finding the ramen shop.


Here is a map for reference:


This is the Jyuasa Ramen Shop!

富良野 らーめん じゅあさ 寿浅 おすすめ 人気

If you are simply passing by, it`s pretty hard to tell that this place is a ramen shop.

The only nearby landmark is an apartment building…


富良野 らーめん じゅあさ 寿浅 おすすめ 人気


There is plenty of space to park your car.

富良野 らーめん じゅあさ 寿浅 おすすめ 人気

In the window, you can clearly see the OPEN (営業中) sign.

富良野 らーめん じゅあさ 寿浅 おすすめ 人気

Let`s go see what`s inside!

Inside Jyuasa Ramen Shop

Since it`s a new building, the inside is very nice.

富良野 らーめん じゅあさ 寿浅 おすすめ 人気

There is only seating at the counter, in this fashion.


Water is Self-Service!

富良野 らーめん じゅあさ 寿浅 おすすめ 人気


Thriving business art

富良野 らーめん じゅあさ 寿浅 おすすめ 人気


Now let`s look at what the menu has to offer!

Jyuasa Ramen`s Menu


Let`s check out the menu!

らーめん ラーメン 富良野 ふらの じゅあさ 寿浅 有名 おすすめ

The Number 1 popular item on the menu is the Miso Ramen.

When you`re tired, the “Garlic(NINNIKU) Miso Ramen” is good

If you are a bit hungover from the night before, the “Spicy(GEKIKARA) Miso Ramen would be a good choice!


Also, if you pay an additional 100yen, the chef will add rice to the bottom of your ramen bowl once you have finished the noodles. I loved getting this when I was younger!


There are a few types of ramen here I haven’t tried yet, but I suggest you try out whichever one looks good to you! 😉


This time around, we ordered…

Garlic Miso Ramen

Spicy Miso Ramen

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Do you think by this time, I`m tired? No way 😕

While waiting for the ramen to come, let’s gaze out the windows to look at the surrounding scenery.

らーめん ラーメン 富良野 ふらの じゅあさ 寿浅 有名 おすすめ

Perhaps that is Naka-Furano`s Hokuseiyama Mountain?


らーめん ラーメン 富良野 ふらの じゅあさ 寿浅 有名 おすすめ

Daisetsuzan Mountain Range


This picture was taken when I went in April, so the scenery was beautiful, but not as colorful as it could be. Once the fields are planted and the crops fill in the landscape, it should be even more beautiful I think!



As for the view in May…

富良野 らーめん 寿浅 じゅあさ おすすめ


This shop is run just by the chef and his wife.

When it’s busy, it might take some time for the ramen to be served, but on the day I went, it wasn’t very busy. I only waited 15 minutes for my ramen after ordering.


ふらの 富良野 らーめん ラーメン じゅあさ 寿浅 みそらーめん おすすめ 人気

Garlic Miso Ramen   850yen


ふらの 富良野 らーめん ラーメン じゅあさ 寿浅 みそらーめん おすすめ 人気

Spicy Miso Ramen    850yen


Bean sprouts are included in all ramen at Jyuasa Ramen Shop!


You are also provided with this special spoon.

ふらの 富良野 らーめん ラーメン じゅあさ 寿浅 みそらーめん おすすめ 人気

Using this spoon, you can gather up any remaining food left in the broth, as well as any yummy rice left over from the bottom of the bowl.


Summary of Jyuasa Ramen Shop

People have different tastes in food, but if you want Miso Ramen while in Furano, I would highly recommend you try out this shop!


This shop is open from 10:00AM to 2:00PM, Tuesdays through Saturdays. Please be aware that in winter, the shop might be closed on days when the weather is very bad.


Also, as the chef loves animals, he supports the Non-Profit Organization, Shippo no Kai of Hokkaido. He sells packets of his miso paste, the proceeds of which go towards Shippo no Kai.

If you are looking for souvenirs from Furano, why not buy some of these miso packets and support a good cause?

**The sale of these miso packets has been temporarily halted, however sales should resume in the near future