Low-priced and Delicious】 If you don’t know what to eat for dinner, I recommend Furano’s famous Shabu-Shabu SENNARI.

sennari Furano restaurant recommend Furano

Furano’s famous and popular Hot Pot restaurant, SENNARI

Hi! It’s me Trip Guide!
Today, I am here at SENNARI


sennari Furano restaurant recommend

SENNARI is Furano’s famous Shabu-shabu hot pot restaurant. Everyone in town knows this place.

Here we go.
Although the restaurant has 2 floors for seating, it’s always full.

Let’s check the menu

富良野 千成 美味しい おすすめ

Beef Shabu Shabu Set:  1,600yen
Lamb Shabu Shabu Set:  1,000yen
Pork Shabu Shabu Set:  1,000yen

The Shabu Shabu Set includes your choice of meat, vegetables, rice balls, pickles, and ramen noodles.
Wow, what a bargain!!



Good news for you! There is an English menu.

富良野 千成 美味しい おすすめ

Chinese too!

富良野 千成 美味しい おすすめ

Drink menu

富良野 千成 美味しい おすすめ

How to eat shabu-shabu

There are instructions of how to eat shabu shabu, but they are only in Japanese…

富良野 千成 美味しい おすすめ

A basic translation is if you order lamb and/or beef, the best way to eat is just half-cooked!! I concur!

So, I ordered Lamb Set and Pork Set.

Let’s get ready to eat while waiting for the ingredients to arrive, and for the meat to finish cooking.

富良野 千成 美味しい おすすめ

There is sauce in this tea-pot like jar.
Serve it into the little bowl.


富良野 千成 美味しい おすすめ

And mix with herbs and spices.


富良野 千成 美味しい おすすめ

The red-colored stuff is grated raddish and chili peppers.
The white-colored stuff is grated onions with garlic.
Finally, the green-colored stuff is chopped spring onions.


Both sauce and herbs are unlimited, so if you run out, please ask the staff for more.


The vegetables arrived!!


富良野 千成 美味しい おすすめ

Mizuna (Japanese mustard greens), Mushrooms, Spinach, Carrots, Tofu, Bean sprouts, Shirataki noodles, Onions.

They gave us a lot!!


At first, place the vegetables in the boiling soup broth.


Then, add the meat!!


sennari Furano restaurant recommend

Lamb (1 portion)


sennari Furano restaurant recommend

Pork (1 portion)


You can also order meat and vegetables separately.


富良野 千成 美味しい おすすめ

Press this button to ring for the server.


Don’t forget to remove scum from the stop of the broth to keep the soup clear.


富良野 千成 美味しい おすすめ

Take a netted spoon to remove scum and put it into the deep pot which is also on the table.

富良野 千成 美味しい おすすめ


After a while, ramen noodle, riceballs, and pickles arrived.


富良野 千成 美味しい おすすめ

In the picture, rice balls and pickles are 1 portion, while the ramen noodle is for 3 people.


How to eat ramen.
「Put in directly to the hotpot and gently stir it in the soup. Don`t put the lid on the pot, and it’s ready to eat when the soup begins to boil again. Serve with pepper is recommended. 」

Try it!!



For dessert, we ordered Sakura ice cream.


富良野 千成 美味しい おすすめ

Very reasonable, very tasty, and so satisfying!!


Reviews of SENNARI↓

Access: 100m from JR Furano Station
TEL: 0167-22-2376
Address: 1-19 Asahimachi, Furano, Hokkaido
Open: Weekday 5pm-10pm
                 Weekend and Holidays 4pm-10pm
It is recommended to make a reservation, as it is a very popular place.
This page was last updated September 2018.