Want to eat Okonomiyaki?? Senya is popular for both locals and tourists

富良野 ランチ お好み焼き 鮮弥 Furano

Hi, it’s me Trip Guide!
Today, I’ll introduce Furano`s Okonomiyaki restaurant, “Senya”


富良野 鮮弥

Senya is located in the center of the city on the main road, Gojo street.
They have not only Okonomiyaki, but also a variety of Teppan-yaki menu items such as Negi-yaki, Monja-yaki, and Tako-yaki!!


Here is the Japanese menu (a simpler English menu is also available):

富良野 お好み焼き ランチ 鮮弥

富良野 お好み焼き ランチ 鮮弥


富良野 お好み焼き ランチ 鮮弥

富良野 お好み焼き ランチ 鮮弥

富良野 お好み焼き ランチ 鮮弥


Oh well… sorry the pics are not very clear..

For the items on the teppan-yaki menu, you can actually cook on your own at the table.
But don’t worry! If you are not confident in your teppan-yaki skills, you can ask them to cook the food and serve it to you. It`s a good service.


Today, I ordered
Okonomiyaki Mixbowl 600yen
Monja: Mentaiko(marinated fish egg) -Mochi (ricecake) 710yen
Takoyaki. Ohdako(big octopus)! 600yen


After waiting for 10min,


Oh dear…I forgot to take pics…

This is only what I have.


富良野 お好み焼き ランチ 鮮弥

I’m cooking Okonomiyaki and Monja!!

The Okonimiyaki and the Monja are very yummy!

After that, I cooked Takoyaki too.
So fun and so delicious, I am quite satisfied!


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Self made takoyaki! 🐙

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Let’s cook Okonomiyaki at home, too!

Check reviews before travel.

Next time, I’d like to try Wagyu-suji(tendon)-negi yaki!!

関連ランキング:お好み焼き | 富良野駅

※There is a parking area behind the store.