The Ramen Shop in Furano which always has a line out the door: Ramen Shinatora

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! Furano has a number of popular ramen shops, but Ramen Shinatora is certainly the one most famous for the consistent line out the door. Check out my blog here for pictures and more info on the delicious charred-garlic broth which is offered and Shinatora!

Topical, Furano`s one and only Kai-ten (conveyor belt) Sushi Restaurant.

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! Want some delicious sushi? Try out a Japanese conveyor belt sushi restaurant? Maybe try out Topical? Check out here for my experience at this place!

Lunch in Furano: KITCHEN EVELSA

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! Do you know Concierge Furano? Did you know there is a restaurant on the 1st Floor, next to the souvenir shop and the information center? Check out my blog for more information on Kitchen Evelsa!

Furano`s Popular Izakaya & Pub: Izakaya Dining LANTANA

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! Need a place to party? Like Japanese pubs? LANTANA might be the perfect place for you! Check out my experience here to help make your decision!

BARBECUE IN FURANO: The super popular barbecue spot in Furano – Mangoo!

One of Furano`s most popular destinations for meat-lovers, Manguu is the restaurant to go to if you are wanting yaki-niku, Korean BBQ, or just a meat-filled adventure. Among other prepared dishes, vegetables and rice bowls are also offered.

If you want to enjoy a relaxed evening meal and drink, try out Robata Izakaya, a popular long-established pub.

Hi! This is Furano Guide! A popular, nostalgic pub, Robata Izakaya is definitely a place to stop by if you want a relaxed evening on the town!

Want to eat Okonomiyaki?? Senya is popular for both locals and tourists

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! Want Okonomiyaki? How about Takoyaki? Every tried cooking it yourself? If Teppan-yaki style is your thing, Senya is definitely a restaurant you want to check out while in Furano! Check out my experiences at this local restaurant here!

Genuine Nepalese curry in Nakafurano with endless nan bread refills!

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【Lunch on Furano trip】Soba noodle shop Kodamaya The main branch.

Hi! It's me Trip guide. Today, I am here at Soba noodle shop KODAMAYA the main branch. I have visited KODAMAYA b...

【Lunch on Furano trip】Family restaurant DAIMARU Biei

I'll visit and report you must-visit spots and great local restaurans in Furano area.