Furano-ya: A very popular curry shop to stop at for lunch







Furano-ya: The popular local shop obsessed with using delicious local produce


This time let`s go to Furano`s popular Soup Curry shop, Furano-ya.


カレー 富良野 ふらのや ランチ

The main ingredients for all of the dishes served at this restaurant are sourced from Furano as much as possible. The broth used as a base for many of the dishes uses Hokkaido pork, Hokkaido chicken, and Furano vegetables, and is cooked slowly over 12 hours at a time.


The restaurant is officially scheduled to close for the day at 9:30PM (last order at 9PM), but if the curry runs out quickly, sometimes the restaurant closes as early as 6PM!


Furano-ya can be very popular for lunch during the busy season, so it might be best to show up early and beat the crowd.


カレー 富良野 ふらのや ランチ

カレー ふらのや 富良野 ランチ

Outside the entrance to the restaurant, there is a spray you can use on your clothes when leaving, to help get rid of the curry smell.


While waiting to be seated, I looked over the menu they have written at the front.


カレー ふらのや 富良野 ランチ


Checking out the menu

Here is the menu!

カレー ふらのや 富良野 ランチ



カレー ふらのや 富良野 ランチ

There are several types of both Soup Curry and thicker (Ruu) curry

You can choose the level of spice you wish your curry to be, and also what amount of rice you would like served with your curry.

For the curry spice level, it`s based on a scale of 0 to 10.

0 is “No Spice”

2~3 is “Medium Spice”

10 is “Very Hot/Spicy”


For those who like their curry especially hot, there is an option to take the spice level all the way up to 100, however please be aware that

11~20 level is an additional 50yen

21~50 level is an additional 100yen

+50 level is an additional 200yen


For the amount of rice served with your curry, the prices are as follows:

150g and 200g servings are free

450g serving is an additional 100yen

Rice refills (Oka-wa-ree) are 150yen each time.



While looking through this information, the staff came to show me to my table.


How about the Lunch Menu?

Looking through the main menu, I had already made my choice of what to order, but here is the lunch menu. Please feel free to look through it!


カレー ふらのや 富良野 ランチ

Lunch Menu


The Lunch Hours are from 11:30AM to 3:00PM.

It`s only 1,000yen for Slow-Cooked Chicken, either Regular (Ruu) Curry or Soup Curry!



In the end…

Slow-Cooked Chicken with Regular (Ruu) Curry, Spicy Level 9, 300g serving of Rice

Slow-Cooked Chicken with Soup Curry, Spicy Level 9, 150g serving of Rice


We ended up ordering from the lunch menu, because to order the same thing from the regular menu, it would cost 1,080yen per plate, instead of 1,000yen. Therefore we saved 160yen by ordering from the lunch menu, yay!


カレー ふらのや 富良野 ランチ


While sipping on our waters, we waiting eagerly for our curry to arrive!!

カレー ふらのや 富良野 ランチ


On the inside wall of the restaurant, there is a large bookshelf, full of manga!


There was a sign saying, “Coffee, Dessert, Manga”

カレー ふらのや 富良野 ランチ


I am also happy to share that the restaurant is Non-Smoking during the Lunch Hours.

Sorry smokers!


カレー ふらのや 富良野 ランチ


Our curry came after about 15 minutes. Even though we went in October, this was pretty quick service!


カレー ふらのや 富良野 ランチ


Slow-Cooked Chicken with Soup Curry, Spicy Level 9, 150g serving of Rice : 1,000yen


カレー ふらのや 富良野 ランチ

Slow-Cooked Chicken with Regular (Ruu) Curry, Spicy Level 9, 300g serving of Rice


The rice is turmeric rice.


Both the soup curry and the regular curry were delicious!

The Level 9 spiciness for me was just right, between a medium and hot level.





I ate everything on my plate, it was so good!




You can eat Furano Curry at your home too!

【北海道 たまねぎ ビーフカレー 送料無料】富良野ビーフカレー 辛口をメール便 送料無料でお届け!! 【ご当地カレー レトルト】 180g 《きたくら特価430円》


Furano-ya is very popular for it`s lunch curry!


Genre: Soup Curry

Access: 15 minute walk from JR Furano Station

Address: 〒076-0018 北海道富良野市弥生町1-46(地図)(Map)

Page Last Updated: February 11, 2019



11:30AM ~ 9:30PM (Last Order at 9:00PM)

*Winter Hours are from November to April, 11:30AM ~ 9:00PM (Last Order at 8:30PM)

*This information was recorded in October, 2018

アクセス:JR留萌本線富良野駅 徒歩13分
住所:〒076-0018 北海道富良野市弥生町1-46(地図
周辺のお店:ぐるなびぐるなび 富良野・美瑛×カレーライス