Furano`s popular Chinese restaurant, Suigetsu.

富良野 翠月 Furano

Hi, it`s me Furano Guide!
Today I am here at Suigetsu.

富良野 翠月


Suigetsu, has 30 years of history in the town, and with a renovation in 2013, it still looks brand new!


Now going inside…

Wow, it’s an antique telephone that has been here even before the renovation!


富良野 翠月 ランチ 

…and there is another phone under the phone..? Haha


Okay, so I take a seat and look over the menu.

富良野 翠月 ランチ 

富良野 翠月 ランチ 

富良野 翠月 ランチ 



富良野 翠月


Hmmm should I go for a set menu or their fried rice…I know it`s yummy…. and there`s Ramen too!

Well, we chose

Shrimp fried rice

Shio Ramen with vegetables

Here we go!


Actually I also wanted to have Ramen so we ordered an extra-large size.

While waiting to be served, I found a magazine with an article about Gyoza(Chinese dumpling), and the magazine included an article introducing Suigetsu too!

Hmm, the dumplings are also good here.

Should I have ordered dumplings….?

…After about 15 minutes, we were served.

富良野 翠月 ランチ 


Shio ramen with vegetables 900yen + Extra Large option 100yen


富良野 翠月 ランチ 

Shrimp fried rice (with soup) 860yen

In the picture, the fried rice look small but actually it’s a quite large portion.

The vegetables in the Ramen are also quite large too!
May be we didn’t need to order the extra large size.


We are very stuffed, but that was so good!

(downloard Hokkaido tourists brochoure)

Review of Suigetsu

Access:5-minute walk from JR Furano Station
住所:〒076-0024 北海道富良野市幸町7-23(地図
周辺のお店:ぐるなびぐるなび 富良野・美瑛×中華料理

Info as of October 2018.