Blue pond ・Shirohige no Taki (Winter) Biei

美瑛 青い池 冬 Biei

Hello! It’s me Trip guide.

Today I am at Biei’s famous Blue pond and “White mustashed water fall” Shirohige noTaki.


美瑛 青い池 冬

First, when you arrive at the carpark, you’ll see the sign board.


美瑛 青い池 冬

It’s explaining how the blue pond appeared and why it’s so blue.


When you walk along the fence for while…


美瑛 青い池 冬

The blue pond will appear on your left side.

美瑛 青い池 冬



美瑛 青い池 冬

It’s frozen during winter time.

美瑛 青い池 冬



美瑛 青い池 冬

The pond with the little snow mans


美瑛 青い池 冬

This blue pond, I believe the blue color is slightly changing daily.

The high chence to see deep blue color is around May-June. And it should be no rain within a few days and fine weather.


It’s so beatiful the blue pond even in winter.

Tourist info brochure is here.)


The color of the pond is depending on your luck however, it’s worth to visit.


If you are around Biei, highly recommended!



And it’s Shirohige no Taki.
Just 5min drive from the blue pond.


It’s also beautiful in winter

美瑛 青い池


Click for more info of Shirohige no taki