Shikisai-no-Oka: Famous Flower Farm near Biei

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! I went to check out Shikisai-no-Oka. Want to know what`s there? About the flower fields, buggy rides, and alpaca farms? How about the local produce for sale cheaper than most places? Check out my blog post here!

YAMABE Drive-in, a local hot spot!

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! I went to YAMABE Drive-In, which is loved by the local people of Furano. In this blog post, I will introduce popular menus and services of YAMABE Drive-in.

Soba noodle shop KODAMAYA (branch)

Hi, it's me Trip guide! Today, I will introduce a Soba noodle restaurant KODAMAYA (branch) Soba is Japanese buckwheat noodle soup.

Ramen shop YAMAOKAYA in Furano

Hi, it`s Furano Guide! I went to Ramen shop YAMAOKAYA, and I love all the different choices available! If you like this place, you LOVE this place! Check out my experience here!