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Furano Guide

Furano Guide

Hello! This is Furano Guide!


I (@tripguide7777) write this blog, Furano-Navi “Trip Guide Furano”


Furano Guide Profile

I moved to the Furano area around 20 years ago.

While living here with my family, I like to go around Furano and the nearby areas to enjoy the sightseeing spots and restaurants on my days off. I have also been very fortunate to make many friends here!

However, since the population of this small town is only about 20,000 people, so I will refrain from using my actual name on this blog. I want to share my real feelings about the places I share with you, but I do not want to make life potentially difficult for myself, or more importantly wife and children.


Why I started this blog

The Number 1 reason why I started this blog is that I LOVE FURANO!

If only just for a short time, I want to help visitors enjoy Furano`s beautiful scenery and delicious food. Like you, I also like to travel, but sometimes it`s very difficult to choose which restaurant to eat at, isn`t it? I am an amatuer blogger, but I will do my best to assemble a wealth of information for visitors coming to Furano.




What`s in this blog?

Information on Events, Sightseeing Spots, and Restaurants in Furano and the nearby areas (Kami-Furano, Naka-Furano, Minami-Furano, Shimukappu, Ashibetsu)